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Simran, simply beautiful!


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Pammal K Sambandam, Tamil film


Pammal K. Sambhandam
Director: Mouli
Cast: Kamal Haasan, Simran, Abbas, Sneha, Ramesh Khanna, Vyapuri.
After the debacle of the lavishly mounted 'Aalavandhan' Kamal Haasan is now on to a breezy comedy. But whether it is a comedy or a serious film, it has become mandatory for Kamal's characters to be quirky and far from normal. Here Sambhandam, a stuntman in films who plays dupe to the heroes, is one who is illiterate, naive, a bit dull-headed and averse to marriage.
Like-minded is Janaki a doctor stiff-laced and grim, treating all men as potential enemies. To the duo's chargin, their respective friends (Abbas and Sneha) fall in love and get married. The duo's advice, however, soon threatens to rock the marital boat. At one point of time Janaki is forced to  feign love to Sambhandam. For, while operating on him, she had inadvertantly left her watch in his stomach. And she desperately wanted Sambhandam again on her operating table. Sambhandam, of course, believes that she loves him and the avowed bachelor reciprocates fast enough. Till he realises that he had been taken for a ride.
It is a role right up Kamal's sleeve, though Simran does steal the scene many a time. Sneha and Abbas make a cute couple. The director has taken the first half of the film at a racy pace, the characters with their quirks, the resultant confusion, Crazy Mohan's crazy lines (though few and far between) helping to pep-up the proceedings. Then the desperation shows in the forced attempts to generate humour. There are too many characters around and too less happening. And with almost all the characters giving up their individuality and receding from their earlier stand, the movie comes to a dull and expected ending.