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Simran, simply beautiful!


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Beautiful Simran : Special Gallery
Simran in films


Simran Up close

(Source : MSN Feature)

Her Full Name  Simran Naval
Her Date-of-birth April 4, 1976
Her First Film Tere Mere Sapne
Her City of Birth  Bombay (Mumbai)
Her Education  Bachelor of Commerce
Her Mother Tongue Punjabi
Her Lingua Franca Hindi and Tamil
Her first shoot  For Superhit Muqabla
on Doordarshan
Her memorable moment Meeting Jaya Bachchan
Her favourite food  Cooked by Mom!
Her close friend Sister Monal
Her favourite pastime Shopping and making friends
Her hobby To cook Punjabi dishes
for friends
Her Favourite co-stars  All of them (Diplomatic!)
Her Inspiration Kamal Haasan
Her regret Not acting with Rajnikant

Original name :- Simran Naval
Nick name :- Sonu 
Entry into media :- Thro' Superhit Muqabala [a program which was  popular in DD a few years ago.]
Poochuda Vaa (with Abbas - first film booked in Tamil)
Once More (FirstFilm released in Tamil paired with Vijay)
Tere Mere Sapne(first movie)
Date of Birth :- 4th April 1976
Height  :-
Brought up in :- Mumbai
Mother tongue :- Punjabi
Address for communication :- C/o Hotel Residency, Thyagaraya Nagar, Chennai- 600 017. 
website(s)  :-
Phone :- 6288892
Qualification :- B.Com  
Family details  :- Father-Ashok Naval ,Garment designer
Two younger Sisters (One of the sisters Monal is acting in Tamil now) and Brother    
Favourite dress :- Jeans T-shirts, Salwar-Kameez and occasionally Sarees.
Favourite Holiday spot :- Home.
Favourite colour :- White
Favourite Food :- Drumstick Sambar with Prawn combination
Opinion about cine Industry :- Dream World
Hobbies :- Music and watching Movies
Languages acted :- Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and couple of Malayalam movies.
Voice :- Dubbing Voice (Voice of Ms. Savitha)
If not to cinema, would have been :- Designer
Special talent :- Dance 
Plus Point :- Getting Angry easily
Minus point :-  Getting Angry easily
Likes :- Open minded people
Dislikes :- Liars
Favourite Artistes :- Sridevi, Rekha, Waheda Rehman


(Source : MSN Feature)


On her foray into films

I can never forget those days. It all happened when I was shooting for Superhit Muqabla for Doordarshans Metro channel. I got a call from ABCL (Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited) and when I got there, Jaya Ji (Jaya Bachchan) was there and asked if I would be interested in a role in their forthcoming film. It was like a dreamI came to know that quite a few ladies were screen-tested! There I was sharing the screen with three other relative newcomers Chandrachur Singh, Arshad Warsi and Priya Gill.

On her flight to regional cinema

I did get some offers after Tere Mere Sapne but none of them excited me. It was then that Once More came to me. I was lucky to share screen time with greats like Shivaji Ganesan. The movie did well and I was considered a lucky actress. I stayed back longer when I was offered Malayalam film Indraprastham with superstar Mammootty. Again it proved to be a hit and I realized that regional cinema was my playing field.

Her views on her adopted city

I have virtually settled down here though we still have our connections with Mumbai. Yes, I do like Chennai a lot... its atmosphere, its people, though climatically it is hot and sultry. I find the people very easy to get along, despite being conservative. Compared to the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, Chennai is peaceful and of course, I really love the south Indian food.


On her current assignments

I have some interesting roles lined up. I am acting in actor-director Nassers film Popcarn (it is pronounced with an a). I am sharing the stage with Mohan Lal. I am now looking more at quality rather than quantity. Glamour can sustain you momentarily, but you have to possess histrionic skills to survive in the long run. I have also been offered a role in Kamal Haasans Telugu project Panchatantra to be directed by K.S. Ravikumar. They there is I Love You Da that deals with the issue of match-fixing and cricket.

On her current assignments

I have some interesting roles lined up. I am acting in actor-director Nassers film Popcarn (it is pronounced with an a). I am sharing the stage with Mohan Lal. I am now looking more at quality rather than quantity. Glamour can sustain you momentarily, but you have to possess histrionic skills to survive in the long run. I have also been offered a role in Kamal Haasans Telugu project Panchatantra to be directed by K.S. Ravikumar. They there is I Love You Da that deals with the issue of match-fixing and cricket.

On her directors

I have learnt from each director and each unit that I have worked with. K. Balachander always reminded me of a school principal. I guess I learned at least 10 new expressions on every day of shooting that we did. Mani Rathnam is so organized. Read the script and you wont need any further explanations. I sometimes am surprised by the zest that these filmmakers show. Despite it being his 100th movie, you should see the enthusiasm and the drive that Balachander Sir has.

On how she crosses the language barrier
The first Tamil film I watched was Kamal Hassan's Avvai Shanmughi (made into Hindi as Chachi 420). I did not employ a tutor. Instead I saw to it that my assistants spoke to me in Tamil. I learnt four to five words a day. Now I can speak the language fluently. I must tell you that even in my initial days, I did not get my dialogues written out in Hindi. I just took the help of a prompter. I am quite comfortable with Tamil now, though the other three south Indian languages still do not flow naturally, though I can understand them.


(Source : )


Today's hottest star Simran had an enviable start, which could be the dream of any aspiring starlet. She was introduced in Hindi by the prestigious ABCL in their film "Tere Mere Sapne". The film didn't fare well at the box office but it's heroine Simran went on to become a success not in Hindi but in South Indian languages Tamil and Telugu.

Her entry into films was not planned but happened naturally. She had been performing on stage during her college days regularly. As a student she compered the Superhit Muqabala.[a program which was popular in DD three or four years ago.] Seeing her on screen Jaya Bachchan immediately called her for a screen test. That was her first introduction to films.

Though her first film didn't fare well at the box office, Simran was least affected by it. By then she had become part of the heroine exodus that had started in Mumbai.

Simran became part of this crowd. Her first film in Tamil "Once More" again had a heavy star cast with the Thespian Sivaji Ganesan and current rage Vijay playing key roles. Simran with her mini skirts and impish smile immediately gained the attention of Tamil audience and before the release of the film Simran's name became familiar all over Tamil Nadu.

Kalaipuli Thanu's expensive bonanza 'VIP' presented Simran in a new light - as a sexy siren and Simran lived up to expectations. Her dances in that film particularly the number with Prabu Deva "Endhan uyir thedi vandhathe" in figure hugging plain chiffon sarees, made Simran the heartthrob of young boys.

Her other dance number in the same film with Prabu Deva, Rambha, Abbas - "Mayulu mayulu mayulamma" reminds one of the sexy Rekha of yesteryears who was a rage at that time with her buxom figure and heavy hips.

Even before Mani Rathnam booked her for "Nerukku Ner" Simran had become a star in her own right. She practically appeared on every wrapper of all the Tamil magazines, mainly due to the stunningly revealing costumes she wore for the photo sessions. "She is a photographer's delight. She doesn't interfere with our work and is willing to be photographed from any angle. She is thoroughly uninhibited and in that way she is a photographer's delight" commented one professional photographer.

In recent times Simran has had the maximum number of hits to her credit."Kannethere Thondrinal" with Prashanth, "Thullatha Manamum Thullam" with Vijay, "Aval Varuvala" and "Vaali"with Ajith are a few of her hits, which deserve special mention. Though all these films dealt with the theme of love they all had a different treatment and Simran, especially in these films was not merely used as a sex symbol.

All the above mentioned films gave Simran ample opportunity to emote and Simran was wise enough to make optimum use of the opportunity given to her. In an already male dominated film world it's very difficult for heroines to get performing characters.In that aspect Simran proved to be lucky and she had also done full justice to the roles given to her. Her histrionics were fully exploited in "Vaali" where she had to handle a brother-in-law lusting after her. Simran's performance was particularly praised in a scene where her own lover turned husband suspects her to be mad.

Again in the second half of "Thullatha Manamum Thullum"Simran gave a highly sensitive performance as a blind girl searching for the man who had helped her.

Simran, basically a home-loving simple Punjabi lass is a very friendly girl who loves to mingle with people, go shopping in her free time and cook "nice Punjabi food" for friends. She is extremely popular in the building she lives in and the flat owners praise her as a "simple girl with her head firmly fixed on her shoulders without any starry airs".

The best thing about Simran is that she realises that her popularity is not a permanent thing and is ready for her exit from films but before that she wants to do some really memorable roles and remain forever embedded in the mnd's of the tamil audience.

Though Simran is a little disappointed that she could not make it big in Hindi where she was first introduced she is happy she has made it Tamil and Telugu both regional languages. She has acted in a couple of Malayalam films too.

When Simran first entered the industry, people were as usual skeptical about her success and just considered her as "yet another Mumbai girl who would give two hits and a few flops and then fly off to Mumbai. But Simran has proved their calculations wrong. With her performance improving from film to film and her remarkable versatility both as a character artist and sex kitten it proves beyond doubt that Simran has really come a long way from where she started. It looks like Simran has come here to stay with us for a long while and not fly back to Mumbai like her other colleagues.

Simmering Simran

(Source : MSN Feature)

This summer, guess whos going to add fizz to Fanta? Southern sex siren Simran! What is interesting is that Simran has been chosen over Jyotika, the current heartthrob in Tamil films.

One of the reasons for zeroing in on Simran is apparently because she is seen as the only female star in Tamil Nadu who can create as much impact as a male superstar! Shes also quite popular in the other south Indian states like Andhra and Karnataka.

Yes, the Punjabi lass with a Mumbaiya accent had indeed arrived on the Southern screen. And after the success of her debut 'Once More',  her  mini skirts, petite  figure and impish smile  made Simran the good-luck charm for many-a-producer. What was ironical in this  success  story is  that Simran never  intended  to
  simmer in the south as her upbringing, background and personality all pointed to a successful stint at Bollywood. In fact, Simran recalls that her foray down south was more to rid of the ennui. It was not a once-in-a-lifetime role or any such thing. What made me say yes was the opportunity to share the screen with Sivaji Ganesan among others."

For the actress, life under the arch lights always had a fairytale  beginning.  She anchored Superhit Muqabla Doordarshan's very own countdown show on Metro Channel a decade ago after performing   on  stage   for   her  college. 
This pretty-young-thing was then spotted by none other than Jaya Bachchan for ABCL (Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited) and Simran debuted with Tere Mere Sapne a comic thriller that unfortunately failed to enthuse the box-office despite a zany storyline and good acting.

Like many others of her ilk, the lissome lass too had to shake a leg and bare some  skin  to  get  noticed  in  Tinsel world. 
While most of her earlier films portrayed Simran as a glamour doll, of late she has made even critics sit up and take notice of her talent. Now I intend to play on well defined characters. No more, running around trees without any purpose, she says.

With a string of releases in Tamil with top directors like Mani Rathnam and a few more to boot in Telugu, apart from likely projects in Malayalam, the actress is undoubtedly having the best time of her Tinsel life her Punjabi background and Mumbaiya accent notwithstanding!