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Interview with Sexy Simran
(Source : June, 2000)
 Simran is the great screen sizzler, who came to the big screen with a debut in the Hindi film Tere Mere Sapne, the first film to be produced by Amitabh Bachans A.B.C.L. film production unit. Then came producer S. Dhanus V.I.P. with Prabhu Deva and Simran has never looked back since. The dream girl who gives sleepless nights to her young fans, holds the enviable position of being the number one actress here today. In her earlier films Simran was the glamour puss men loved to fantasise about. But today she is an actress to reckon with too. In her recent films like Vaali, Thullada Manamum Thullum and Kannupada Poguthayya, Simran has proved that she can act too if given a chance. That is why like Kushbhu, unlike the other actresses from Bombay who never managed to find a permanent place here, she managed to stay on. We met her for a tete-a-tete and the actress was frank and outspoken in her answers.
In your earlier films you were just a glamour doll. But in some of your recent films, havent you taken on some performance-oriented roles?
In my debut Tamil film V.I.P., I had a role that called for a lot of glamour. The film was a success and I was flooded with similar kinds of roles. Nerukku Ner, Once More, Aval Varuvala, Natpukkaga, Kannethire Thondrinal, were film where I had just to look good. But then, came films like Thullatha Manamum Thullum, Vaali and Kannupada Poguthayya where I had scope to perform too. And I proved that I could act if given a chance. Unless we actresses are given performance-oriented roles, how can we be expected to display out talent? But I personally feel, that an actress may be talented, but her glamour is one sure way to attract a fan following. Youngsters of today want the actresses to look attractive and glamorous on the screen. I have got a faithful fan following. So, now I concentrate on films that give me scope to act too.
There is an allegation against you, that you accept every film offered to you, collect an advance payment from the producers, but do not stick to your commitment. Comment.
First of all I do not accept every film offered to me. Only if I find the banner, the director, and my character to my liking, do I accept a film. Then I should have sufficient dates to give them too. I deny outright that I back out of my commitments and the call sheet I have given them with my dates. I have not cheated anybody to date. There are some producers (I dont wish to name them) who due to their own problems have not made use of the dates I have given them. They come to me later asking for the dates that I have already committed to another producer. Should I have obliged them then? It has happened a few times, but am I to be held responsible for it? They are trying to blame me for their inadequacies. I have not given any problem to any producer regarding my call-sheets. If that were the case would I be acting in so many films?
You did a solo dance number in the film Ethirum Puthirum. It was your closeness to Raju Sundaram that made you accept it. What have you to say to this allegation?

There is a lot of gossip being written about Raju Sundaram and me. But none of them is true. He was the dance choreographer for some of my films. Its true that I developed a friendship with him. But to label it love, romance, etc., is like cheapening the relationship. I relate to him as a good friend, thats all. I have so many men friends in the industry. Those who know me well know about this too. I did that solo number in Ethirum Puthirum because the producer asked me to. Most heroines these days do solo dance number in films, and I am no exception. But to say that I accepted it on Raju Sundarams recommendation is wrong. Anyway I am not much bothered when the media links me with Raju Sundaram. That too is a publicity of sorts for me, isnt it?
After Tere Mere Sapne one never saw you in many Hindi films, why?
I did get some offers after Tere Mere Sapne but none of them were exciting ones. During that time I got this offer to act in a Tamil film. My first film became a success, and I was considered a lucky actress. The audience here accepted me. Then I became busy in Tamil and Telegu films and could not find much time for Hindi films. Further, for the time one gives to a single Hindi film, one can complete three Tamil films. I like the way the industry works here and I am quite comfortable. So, I continue to act here. Its not important how many films I act but its important that I find a permanent place in the hearts of my fans.

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By Moviebiz
Simran is the most happening star once again, after the success of Pammal.K.Sambandham. She is asking and getting Rs 40 lakhs for a film. Earlier she could not speak in Tamil, but now she makes an attempt and manages to say some words too. Simran keeps shuttling between Chennai and Hyderabad as she is very popular in Telugu films too. She has four films in Telugu and six in Tamil. In spite of so many new faces, she is still the number one. met her recently and spoke to her. Excerpts.
Q: We believe that you get the highest fee commanded by an actress right now?
A: I suppose I do. Well, that is a compliment. Anyway I worked hard for it.
Q: You said earlier that you are getting married to Raju Sundaram and retiring. But you seem to be signing more films! Is the marriage off?
A: Yes, I am doing six films in Tamil. I am not saying that I will not get married and I dont remember saying that after marriage I will be quitting.
 Q: Now you are doing films with established veterans like Kamal. Have you stopped acting with younger heroes?
A: Who said so? I am doing a film with Prashanth. Even if I get a role opposite a new comer I will readily accept.
Q: If you do roles opposite older heroes dont you feel that younger heroes would not act with you?
A: I feel that the most important factor in an actresss career is her looks, glamour and performance. It just does not matter with whom you are paired, as long as you deliver.
Q: You were secretive about your love life? Why?
A: Love is very personal. Love has to be secretive otherwise the fun is lost.
Q: Then why did you declare your love for him?
A: I was actually forced to do it. There were so many rumours being spread and written in press. So we decided to come clean.
Q: Tell us something about Kannathil Muttham Ittal?
A: That is suspence! Like Priyamanavalae and 12B I have a meaty role. Working with Mani sir is every girls dream.
Q: Six years since you are in the Tamil industry. Other than money and fame, what is your achievement?
A: I am sure that people will remember me as one of the better heroines, maybe 20 years from now. I think that I have made a name for myself here.
Q: You have not worked with Rajnikanth. Comment?
A: I am waiting for that big day.
 Q: Please tell us something about your heroes?
A: Madhavan and Prashanth are the jolly type with whom you can crack a joke and have ball of a time. Vijay is serious, while Surya is calm but they too are friendly.
Q: Whats it about you that riles other actresses like Laila, Jyothika and Sneha?
A: Well, I am not insecure about any other actress. I consider them as colleagues and we have a healthy competition.

Simran - The Girl Next Door 
(Source : )
Simran is a kind of girl who brings the screen alive. Its difficult to pin point where her beauty lies. She has the right mixture of talent and charm in her. A superstar in Tamil, She's given enough hits in Telugu also to carve a niche for herself in Tollywood. She's busy with films on hand with all top heroes of Telugu, like Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Balakrishna, Venkatesh and others. Handling both glamour and performance roles with panache, she shared a few moments with us recently.
What do you do in your free time?
These days I surf the net whenever I find time.
Except on the Screen, you are always dress in a simple manner, Why?
My make up and costumes are limited only to the screen. I'm a normal girl otherwise. I don't wear makeup nor am I fond of Jewellery. I don't even touch lipstick.
What kind of dresses do you like?
I like Ghagra-Cholis. All my friends say that I look beautiful in them.
What do you do to maintain your figure?
I exercise every morning. And I keep away fatty foods. I eat limitedly.
Which is your favourite holiday spot?
Since I'm very busy, I find the beach - the place to relax.
When are you going to get married?
I'll tell you that after five years.
What are you looking for, in your man?
He's to look handsome even if he's not fair in complexion. He should love me and understand me.
How do you feel being a heroine?
I feel there's nobody as lucky as me. All this money, fame, respect... All this I got only by being a heroine.
If you hadn't become an actress.....
I'd have made a name as a fashion designer
Why did you object when your Tamil fans wanted to build a temple with your idol?
Today they may like me. If I lose this image tomorrow, they may break the temple. That's why I asked them to adore me in their hearts.
Lastly, What's your date of birth?
4th, April........

Interview with Simran
Firmly placed at the top
(Source : )
 With the super success of 'Vaalee' Simran has firmly entrenched herself in Tamil filmdom as the numero uno. Her acting talent was in full display in 'Vaalee' and finally she has proved to be not just a glamour doll but also an actress who can emote. Simran answers a few queries:
Q: Did you ever think that you would be on top when you made your debut in Tamil?
A: When I acted in 'Poochooda Vaa' I just took it as trying out my luck. If it clicked then I would be in business or go back to Mumbai but then it clicked and from then onwards the films that came my way were all hits. Soon the industry branded me a lucky star and offers started pouring in. It was then that I started getting a firm footing in the filmdom and till date I have been able to maintain a good name and satisfy my fan following.
Q:You must be pretty pleased with the number one position?
A: Not really! I would prefer it if I was called the number one actress, an actress who can do justice to any role and not disappoint the audience. Till yesterday, some other girl was number one and today it is me, but tommorow you may say that to some other girl. This position is not permanent. All the same from one corner of my heart I am happy to know that I am successful and that my fans have liked me. Getting a place in the heart of the audience is all the more important than this number one position.
Q: With 'Vaale' you have been acknowledged as not just a glamour doll but also as a girl who can act. What is your personal feeling?
A: Oh finally I am glad that people have begun to see that Simran is not just a glamour doll. When I started out I got only glamour roles and seeing this the industry branded me a glamour girl. Now when my time is right I started getting roles which showed me as an actress. With 'Kannethirey Thondrinal', 'Thullatha Manamum Thullum' and 'Vaalee' the industry sat up and took notice of my acting talents and now directors are coming to me with roles which are not just glamour roles. A combination of glamour and acting will stun the audience.
Q: You are the target of gossip writers now days. How do you react to this?
A: I think those who are jealous of my growth are behind the gossip because I have never ever heard anyone on the sets speak bad about me. I never give any room for such gossip because my attention on the sets is on acting and once my work is over I go straight to my house. I have reached a stage where I don't let gossip affect me.
Q: You and Isha were reported to have clashed on the sets of 'Jodi'?
A: My God! The kind of stories that go around these days. In fact Isha is one actress who likes my acting very much. We never had any clash.
Q: What are your future projects?
A: The films I have on hand are Kanavey Kalayathey, Kannu Padha Pokuthu Aya, Time,Jodi, Udaya, I am doing some Telugu films too and am negotiating for a few other films as well. Otherwise I am of the firm opinion that one should let things happen on their own.
Source: Indiatalkies

An Interview with Actress Simran
 As the newspapers have started splashing scandalous news, day after day, about Simran, She came forward to put an end to the gossips about her by holding a press meet.
Given hereunder are the questions posed by the media men and the replies given by the actress.

Are you undergoing some sort of medical treatment in any hospital?
I don't have any disease. Nor am I treated upon. I am greatly upset to read in the papers that I am sick. Many of you may have a wife or daughter of my age. Will you dare to write such a thing about them. If you people spread such baseless rumours about me, who will marry me?

When are you going to marry? Whom you will be marrrying?
I will let you know about it at the appropriate time. I won't marry anyone without revealing to you about it.

Have you not told previously that you are in love with Raju Sundaram?
Yes; our love is good, one hundred per cent.

When did your love blossom with him?
 We got introduced during the filming of the song, 'Manam Virumbuthe' in the film, 'Nerukku Ner'. Love flowered in between us during the picturisation of the song, 'Thottu Thottu Pesum Sulthana' in the movie, 'Ethirum Pudhirum'.

We read the news that your marriage proposal has been turned down by Raju Sundaram's household when your parents went to his house to get the approval of his people. Is it true?
Nothing of that sort

K.Balachander has alleged that his movie, 'Paarththale Paravasam' is getting delayed because of you. What is your reply to it?
My call sheets of five days have been wasted as they had planned to conduct shootings in Kerala when it was raining. They caused delay saying that the songs had not reached from A.R.Rahman in time. Similar delays have happened for Mani Rathnam's film also. We find ourselves in soup because of the fault of others.

Why did you fail to turn for paying your last respects to Sivaji Ganesan?
I could not make it because I was in Hyderabad at the time of his demise.

You might have at least paid a subsequent visit to his house.
I have a great regard for Sivaji Sir. Had I been at Chennai on the particular day, I would have certainly attended the funeral of that legendary actor.

 Is there any differences of opinion in between you and Monal? Does she live on her own in a separate house as the news are telling us?
I am very fond of my sister Monal. She says separately as she longs to stand on her own legs. There is no problem at all in our family.

Will you stop acting in films after getting married?
Right now, I can't say anything about its.

Why did you refuse to act in the film, 'Three roses'?
I was not interested in acting in that film as it has been modeled on 'Charlies' angels. There is no other reason.

Have you obtained the signatures of any cricketer in your autograph book during the shootings of the film 'I love you da'
The scenes connected with the participation of Cricket players are yet to be shot.

Formerly you were acting in a glamorous way. Now you have changed your way of acting. Is there any specific reason for that?
I desire to act in a variety of characters. Soon, I would be acting in a Hollywood film, by the name 'Devadasi 1930'. A female director with the name Duraishaval would be making the movie.