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Simran, simply beautiful!


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Tere Mere Sapne, her first film


Tere Mere Sapne
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Balu Shastri (Arshad Warsi) is a young man coming from a conservative South Indian family. His father is a disciplinarian who rules his wife, son and daughter with an iron hand. Balu rebels against this discipline which lead to lot of fights between the father and son but they work out an uneasy truce.
Rahul Mehta (Chandrachur Singh) is the proverbial poor little rich boy. He is orphaned in his childhood and brought up by his grandfather who is completely absorbed in his business. Rahul tries his best to please his grandfather but the old man has no time for the youngster.
Balu grows up to be a taxi driver with a dream of striking it rich.
Rahul becomes a NRI thirsting for affection.
On his arrival to the country, Rahul bumps into Balu. They strike up a friendship and exchange confidences. They realise that the other has it within his scope to make each one's dream come true.
And they agree to exchange places. Rahul tries to be the street-smart cabbie, while Balu takes on the garb of a shrewd businessman.
Not knowing who Rahul really is or his social position. Balu's family take to young man to their hearts. Cupid strikes and Rahul falls in love with Balu's sister, Parvati (Priya Gill). His feelings are reciprocated and all is finally smooth in his life.
On the other hand, Balu is managing Rahul's company as per the latter's directions. But unknown to them one of the top brass of the company, Mathur is hatching henious plots to take over by unlawful means. As late would have it, Balu and the very same Mathur's daughter, Pooja (Simran) fall in love.
By now Parvati realises that Rahul is not what he seems and that he has lied to her. Hurt, she distances herself from him. To add to the rocky path of this love, Rahul's mamaji returns and tries his best to stop the two from reuniting.
At his end, Balu is fighting all odds to save the company. His life is further complicated by the hurdles in his path to win Pooja.
Trace the fate of these two young men and dream their dreams in Tere Mere Sapne.